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10 Reasons I'm Not Ready To Let Elena Gilbert Go. #WeWillMissYouNina

Thursday, May 14 marks the day that our beloved human turned doppelganger turned vampire hangs up her fangs for real and leaves Mystic Falls for good. I wasn't ready when she chose Damon over Stefan then and I'm not ready for her to leave them both behind now. Bye Elena Gilbert, we will miss you. P.S. Can Little Gilbert come back now?

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1. Episode 1 She Stole Our Hearts.

Can you say aw? When I was in high school, I couldn't make this happen if I tried. Then again, I also didn't have super attractive 170 year old vampires attending high school just to meet me. Lucky lady.

7. Until He Died, for the Millionth Time.

But she mourned, like any normal person would.

Then turned off her humanity, went on a killing spree, like any normal vampire would. And then Little Gilbert came back to life... also for the millionth time.

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