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The 11 Types of Pinoy Millennials

You already know you’re on this list.

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1. The Irreg

New Girl / Via

Let me guess – you either had to retake a few classes, shifted from a different major, or stopped because you lost financial backing. Hang in there, beh. Kaya mo yan.

2. The Bum-ball-beh

The bum-ball-beh. Nood b-ball. Chill dito. Ganyan. Tama na catch up sa series, beh. Pansinin mo naman daw mga e-mail ni LiNa. Siya naman daw i-swipe right mo.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt / Via

The bum-ball-beh. Nood b-ball. Chill dito. Ganyan. Tama na catch up sa series, beh. Pansinin mo naman daw mga e-mail ni LiNa. Siya naman daw i-swipe right mo.

3. The Fresh Meat


Vibrant, excited, eager – this is you. You’re a few weeks into a job you really like and you’re as feisty as a badger. You’ll realize how much adult-ing sucks in two, three weeks? When that happens, do what any millennial would do. Change your twitter from public to private and vent away.

4. The Tita at 22

Aquino and Abunda Tonight

Chill sa Starbs? Hard pass. You’d much rather have brunch at Mary Grace or Via Mare. Aminin. Via Mare’s kare-kare is *cue Kris Aquino* kakainlove!

5. ...and the lola at 25

Kate Bones / Via

Meet at 2pm? I can’t I’m busy. *Takes a siesta right after a light snack* Oh, a rave? I can’t go. “Why?” Oh. You know. ‘Cause I don’t want to.

6. Ang Paalala Mo Kaya Fans

NBC / Via

MMK? More like PMK. These YAs still need permission from their parents. Still in the i-paalam stage and not quite yet in the ipa-alam stage. That’s all right, strict man sila, they’re probably doing it out of love.


Tacocat / Via

Tama nga naman. Why buy material things with your sweldo when you can waldas it sa experience. From PAK GANON sa Manila to PAK GANIRE sa Batangas. This jet-setter loves to travel and is high-key obsessed with the beach.

8. The Gamer / Via

Relationships end. DOTA? DOTA is forever. (Also: LOL and CS:GO) At least sa computer shop may open time. Di ka nalang basta basta iiwan at sasaraduhan ng pinto. (Ay. May pinagdadaanan si writer.) Gaming comes second nature to this group, and they’re sure to hit the nearest top of the line computer shop when they get off work. That’s if they don’t own a sexy setup themselves.

9. Trendy-tional

E! / Via

Insta this, snap that. These types of millennials are in the know of everything on social media and your look is always on fuh-leek. The only thing you ignore on twitter are world issues. You probably don’t know about the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States nor what’s happening in Aleppo. There’s nothing wrong with being trendy, just don’t forget to stay informed and in touch with the discourse! :)

10. Cre8ive Collective

why does every art hoe look like this


Chokers and jean jackets; caps and plain black tees. Their current obsession is anything and everything from the 90s. They obsess over Satchmi; and Cubao Ex is like their playground. What’s the most important thing in life, you ask? Aesthetic.

11. Busy As a Beh

Rihanna / Via

Kung may bum-ball-beh, may worker beh. Maybe take a page out of the #LIVIN crew. You need to relax. Overworking can lead to stress, and stress can lead to heart problems and pimples. But worst of all, it can cause love problems. Without kilig, what will become of you na?

Guilty of being 4, 10, or all of these types of Filipino millennials? Share and find out if your friends fall under the same factions!

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