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10 Things Not To Say When Someone Calls Off Their Wedding

It is almost a taboo issue and one that almost no one seems to have experience handling socially. Your friend wanted to get married, and now they don't. Realize this is a tough time in someone's life, and that what you say to them will impact how they handle it.

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1. I’m so sorry

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Reason: This is something you say to someone at a funeral. Saying this is basically implying that the person should grieve over the fact that they made the best decision for their life. Yes, the end of the relationship does have a mourning period, but looking at someone with pity in your eyes will only insight anger.

2. You can do anything married that you can do single / Via

Reason: Oh you know, except for date another guy that may be a better match in their life. Or follow their dream of living in London and traveling the world. Or dare to dream of creating a new start for themselves. This saying is only true if the two people involved in the relationship share the same goals and plans for their lives. If that is not the case, then it is indeed a limitation.

3. Just give it a year. / Via

Reason: How could anyone possibly think this is okay? This is advice that is setting someone up for failure. If someone has already determined this is a bad choice in their life, then by saying this, you are implying that you know better and that being in a bad marriage is better than not being married. Let me just google the nearest divorce lawyer.

4. What did your parents say? / Via

Reason: Fathers everywhere are pretty upset that they already gave the goat and cow away to the intended betrothed. Perhaps you should just move back in with your parents to begin your new spinster lifestyle. Just get yourself a housecoat, a dozen cats, and call it a night. (P.S. Personally, my parents almost cried when I told them, because they knew the match wasn't right!)

5. You don’t want to start dating again.

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Reason: Well actually, maybe they really kind of do. Not right away, but eventually when your friend is ready they would like the chance to meet someone that is a better match. A lot of people get so comfortable in bad situations, that they don't see the opportunity for change.

7. What is you never meet anyone again? / Via

Reason: This, my good friends of the internet, is single shaming, pure and simple. I have received more bad advice from other females during this process than I could shake a stick at (which is an odd saying when you really think about it). A person's self-worth is not determined by whether they are in a relationship or not. If a situation isn't right, what is the harm in being alone with yourself and your thoughts?

8. Think about your age.

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Translation: Your fallopian tubes are drying up like the Saharan desert. Are you freaking kidding me? Yes, someday children may be in the equation (if that is their choice!), but it shouldn't be the goal to marry someone not right for you just to have them. That's not fair to the children or yourself.

9. Its just cold feet. You will get over it. / Via

Reason: Oh right. That gnawing feeling in your stomach will just go away and you will magically be in love again? Fantastic, where is the pill for that? Words to live by: If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

10. So what are you going to do now? / Via

Reason: This is the epitome of terrible questions. It's never asked in an upbeat tone, it's always asked with a tone of accusation. It implies that the dream is over and you should just crawl into a hole, because without marriage you are nothing. But, perhaps the dream is just beginning…

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