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10 Emerging Social Startups You Should Know About

Let's face it: we all love our Twitter, and Foursquare, and Facebook accounts. But there are tons of new products and services out there from startups that are quickly winning us over. Check out some of the newest social apps that everyone's talking about, and to learn more about digital marketing, check out the iStrategy Conference in October.

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1. Pearescope


Pearescope scans your social network and suggests new people for you to meet based on mutual connections (or friends of friends). It makes introductions easier, and you can specify which of your friends' networks you want to show up in so you only meet people you want to know.

3. Stamped


Stamped helps you share your favorite things with your friends without the trouble of star ratings. When you come across something you like (a movie, or a restaurant, or a book), you just give it your "stamp of approval" so your pals can know it's worth checking out.

4. Banjo


Damien Patton founded Banjo after he missed meeting up with an old friend in a Boston airport because they had "checked in" on different social media sites. So Banjo helps you know where your friends are without the hassle of jumping between Twitter and Foursquare and Facebook. The app is big hit with journalists because it lets them cover breaking news stories by talking to people on the scene.

5. CasaHop

Traveling's great, but staying in hotels you find online can be really hit or miss (and expensive). But there's an alternative! CasaHop shows you fully furnished houses and apartments that are available for you to stay in on your trip, so you can really take in a new place like a local and feel at home.

6. Couptivate


Couptivate is for people who love Groupon and LivingSocial, but hate keeping track of the deals (in particular, the ones about to expire). It organizes everything and lays all the goodies out in one place, so you'll never miss out on that half price t-bone steak dinner for 2.

7. Path


With Path, you can chronicle your life by putting photos, the places you go, the people you hang out with, or the music you listen to in a digitized journal. There's even an Automatic function, where the app gathers all this stuff on its own so you never have to enter anything in.

8. Turf Geography Club


Turf is actually a game where you try to earn enough money so you can "own" your favorite establishments or locales. You can also earn coins from visiting new places and use them to expand your empire (or conquer someone else's).

9. Pair


The people behind Pair understand that while lovebirds want to express their love, it has no place in other people's feeds. So Pair is the place where 2 people can convey their love with photos, drawings, location updates, and texts... privately.

10. Yardsale


With Yardsale, you can buy what people in your area are selling or showcase something you're looking to sell. It's a great way for you to meet your neighbors, which can be incredibly helpful when you need something important, like "a cup of sugar."

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