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10 Pokemon That Are Definitely Drag Queens

All T, All Shade

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1. Nidoqueen

If her name didn't give away her drag status, her appearance sure did. I mean look at those breast plates! Nidoqueen is big, bold, and beautiful. She may not be all that glamorous, but Nidoqueen is a fierce queen who isn't afraid to speak up whenever she feels slighted. Her stubborn personality won't win her Miss Congeniality, but it'll give her the strength to take whatever the drag scene throws at her.

2. Jynx

Oh Jynx, how could we forget the first Pokemon in black face? Jynx is the draggiest - clock the Amazon prime shipping Cosplay wig, the pouty lips and the red dress that just screams “There are some questionable stains on me.” Jynx is one weird queen who is both strangely alluring and terrifying. (P.S. "your makeup looks terrible.")

3. Blissey

Blissey is the sweetest queen in the bunch! She loves to embrace the feminine side of things and serve glamour with a cheeky spin. Just look at her little pin up curls and weird arm floaties! Blissey, is that an egg in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

4. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is an avant garde/androgynous queen who knows how to break necks and cash checks. She’s beautiful in her own strange way and she’s quite fashion forward when it comes to her futuristic look.

5. Illumise

Illumise, is that a tux you’re wearing? Illumise is one of those queens who is talented, but completely incapable of serving a gag worthy look. She makes up for her lack of fashion awareness with sickening singing and acting abilities. Girl is a true performer!

6. Purugly

You know those queens who have been in the game so long that they hate the world and everyone around them? That’s Purugly. She’s a polished queen beyond her prime and is resentful towards those who try to steal her spotlight. Spanx can only do so much, gurl.

7. Delcatty

Delcatty is an up and coming queen who knows the importance of serving a look. She has a highly evolved sense of style and just enough originality to separate herself from the other tired fishy queens. Yes Delcatty, you bettah werk that neck pillow!

8. Sylveon

Sylveon is one of those reverse Coco Chanel type queens- and by that I mean she’s the type of queen who adds 15 more accessories before she leaves the house. Everything about these types of queens screams too much from their hair accessories to jewelry. Newsflash girl, one bow is cute- two is busy.

9. Florges

Look at that body-ody-ody. Queens like Florges know how to feed the fantasy. I mean just look at that curvaceous body and floral headpiece. And those falsies girl- Katy Perry’s eyelash collection could take a few notes from you. Everything about Florges is fully realized and on point. Congrats hunty, you are America’s Next Drag Superstar.

10. Lopunny

Stop relying on that body, Lopunny. Lopunny is one of those queens that is pretty without putting too much effort into it. She has a great body and a sexy charm that makes her both entertaining and irresistible. Lopunny only wears Mac brand cosmetics, which tends to bite her in the ass when she walks down the runway and someone can clock the 5’ o clock shadow from a mile away.

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