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10 Innovations From Israel That Prove We're On Our Way To Living In The Future

Drinking the air? Breathing the water? With all the great science and tech coming out of Israel, anything is possible.

1. Watergen: Creating drinking water from air.

Finding fresh drinking water continues to be one of humanity’s biggest challenges, so why not look upward? This Israeli technology uses humidity from thin air to make clean drinking water. In fact, the two-ton Watergen machines were recently used to assist Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

2. WeCU: Identifying threats before it's too late.

WeCU (We See You), a preventive technology company, created a system to identify emotional signals and strains in humans — all in an attempt to prevent potential terrorists before they can act in places like airports.

3. SkySaver: Making a safe escape.

Escape from your high-rise when a fire breaks out! The SkySaver lifesaving kit comes equipped with a cable cord that, in an emergency, is attached to a preinstalled anchor located near a window. In the event of an emergency, escaping to safety is as easy as strapping into the device and rappelling down.

4. Waze: Routing and updating your travels.

There’s a good chance you’ve used Waze before. Meshing the best parts of social media and map apps into one, with Waze, users help one another report on real-time traffic, road info, and speed traps so everyone can save a little time, money, and sanity.

5. OrCam: Assisting people who are visually impaired.

Founded by Mobileye entrepreneurs Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, OrCam produces tech gadgets like the MyEye 2.0 for people who are blind or visually impaired. This small battery-operated device attached to glasses can recognize simple hand gestures and vocalize printed or digital text from newspapers, books, signs, and even smartphone screens!

6. IceCure Medical: Freezing breast cancer in its tracks.

IceCure is an Israeli biomedical company pioneering cancer research with a nonsurgical, FDA-approved method for killing benign tumor cells in the breast by freezing them. Relatively painless and taking only about 15 minutes, IceCure’s cryoablation is just another amazing step on the road to curing breast cancer!

7. UPnRIDE Robotics: Helping people with paraplegia stand tall.

The revolutionary UPnRIDE mobility device allows seniors and people with disabilities to stand and move around almost anywhere. The Israeli innovation was developed by Dr. Amit Goffer, who also founded the exoskeleton ReWalk. Eye-level social interactions, increased self-esteem, and the ability to stand while being mobile are just a few of the benefits that can raise the quality of one’s life with UPnRIDE.

8. c-Now: Livestreaming to help first responders.

Help is at hand with c-Now, a free app that provides rescue teams with the precise location and real-time info from your smartphone, including live-streaming camera video directly to the authorities. Once contacted, the dispatcher has access to your name, location, needs, and more until first responders arrive – ideal for any number of scenarios, from finding yourself lost on an unfamiliar running route to helping locate people trapped in rubble following and earthquake.

9. Like-A-Fish: Breathing easy underwater.

Extracting air from water? Underwater adventures are totally achievable thanks to this tankless diving gear developed by Israeli scientist Alan Bodner in 2001. Perfect for divers and submarines, Like-A-Fish is an innovative air supply system that utilizes underwater tech to help divers remain underwater for longer periods of time

10. SCiO: Determining molecular breakdowns with the snap of a pic.

Do you want to better understand the world around you — down to the basic structures that make up life? SCiO is a handy machine that can scan any object and send its chemical make up right to your phone. Perfect for finding out the nutritional values of food, evaluating the water levels of plants, tracking body fat percentage, and even identifying over the counter medications, SCiO is yet another great innovation that can help you learn more about the world!

Animations by William Smith / © BuzzFeed

Transforming the world through life-changing tech, the future is in good hands because #Israelisonit.