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13 Amazing Technological Advances That Are Changing Your World

As the future barrels toward us, new issues arise every day. These exciting inventions are working to combat the world's problems — proof that #Israelisonit.

1. WeCU: reading the mind of potential terrorists

2. Illusive Networks: a system to beat cybercrime

3. IceCure: freezing breast tumors to death

4. Desalination: making salt water drinkable

5. Fast ACL: a new knee implant that gets you up in no time.

6. Waze: an app that helps people help each other find their way

7. Gagomers: a system that increases the accuracy of chemotherapy

8. Antibacterial nanoparticles: keeping hospitals safer with fabric

9. PillCam: a way to finally see the small intestine

10. Mobileye: a car camera that sees what you don't

11. ReWalk: a metal exoskeleton to help the disabled walk

12. Like-a-Fish: lets divers breathe underwater without a tank

13. Implantable Miniature Telescope: helping people with macular degeneration see better

Illustration by William Smith / © BuzzFeed

We're working toward a better world — and #Israelisonit.