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    You Know You're On Tel Aviv Beach When...

    Tel Aviv-Yafo is unique in so many different ways! Take a stroll down the Tel Aviv promenade with us, and enjoy the sites, sounds and people that are all in one place... only in Tel Aviv!

    1. What do you get if you cross a Boris Bike with the beach and the sun? We bring you Tel-O-Fun!

    2. Don't forget to duck!

    3. There's room for everyone in Tel Aviv!

    4. Cool down with a Limonana (Lemon, mint and ice)!

    5. Did someone say Segway?!

    6. What do you mean the gym is closed?!

    7. Jaffa, a gem on the Mediterranean coastline

    8. A night on the town, by the beach, in the city, on the coast...

    9. Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday evening Jewish prayers) with a difference...

    10. And if you make it this far... why not relax and watch the sunset?