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    You Know You're On Tel Aviv Beach When...

    Tel Aviv-Yafo is unique in so many different ways! Take a stroll down the Tel Aviv promenade with us, and enjoy the sites, sounds and people that are all in one place... only in Tel Aviv!

    1. What do you get if you cross a Boris Bike with the beach and the sun? We bring you Tel-O-Fun!

    Israel 21C / Via

    10 years ago, nobody "biked" in Tel Aviv. Today, everyone from babes to grandparents can be seen peddling through the city's streets. Tel Aviv has joined at least 200 others worldwide as it rolled out its bike-sharing program earlier this summer, called Tel-Ofan.

    2. Don't forget to duck!

    Erez Kaganovitz / Via

    Matkot, or beach tennis was created in Israel more than 50 years ago and can still be seen being played on the beaches of Tel Aviv today. Be careful though if you are taking a walk along the water line, as Matkot balls will come flying at you from all directions!

    3. There's room for everyone in Tel Aviv!

    Steven Winston / Via Embassy photo competition

    Whether an ultra-orthodox Jew, or a completely secular Atheist, there is something for you in Tel Aviv. From the beaches which are closed to passers by for modesty, to the beachside night clubs, you can always find something in Tel Aviv

    4. Cool down with a Limonana (Lemon, mint and ice)!

    Pintrest - Via Mali Hartman / Via

    A Middle Eastern country and a Mediterranean city - what more could you need than an ice cold refreshing drink? Chill on the sand or step into a cafe, either way you HAVE to have one of these....

    5. Did someone say Segway?!

    Steve2telaviv, Feb 2012 / Via

    What has two wheels and a helmet? YOU! Ridding a Segway along the Tel Aviv promenade and beach!

    This is a great way to take in the sun, sea and sights of Tel Aviv without too much effort. Segway tours are available around the Tel Aviv beaches, but be careful how you ride!

    6. What do you mean the gym is closed?!

    Gym on the beach - Gordon Beach / Via

    Whether you are out for a walk with friends, or trying to stay fit, you can always stop in (or rather out!) to one of Tel Aviv's many beach gyms. With anything from running to rowing, chest compressions to pull-ups this is a great way to keep fit (and get a tan while you're at it!).

    7. Jaffa, a gem on the Mediterranean coastline

    Jaffa port from the sea / Via

    With a bustling market, an ancient port, incredible restaurants and phenomenal culture, you can't go to Tel Aviv without visiting Jaffa. Truly a jewel of Israel, Jaffa is integral to the culture and "personality" of Israel, in fact, Tel Aviv-Yafo is actually one city!

    8. A night on the town, by the beach, in the city, on the coast...

    Clara beach club / Via

    Tel Aviv's night-life is second to none. Bars, clubs, and even the odd Irish pub can be found dotted throughout the city.

    If you would rather catch a concert then head to one of Tel Aviv's venues where you could see/hear the likes of Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams or even Tom Jones!

    9. Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday evening Jewish prayers) with a difference...

    MiNYanim Israel Seminar at Kabbalat Shabbat with Beit Tefilah Yisraeli – Tel-Aviv port / Via

    Religion in Tel Aviv is certainly diverse. Whether it is a Shira (sing-song) on the beach, or a Tefillah (prayer) in a synagogue that you are after, you can find it in Tel Aviv.

    10. And if you make it this far... why not relax and watch the sunset?

    Frank Haymann / Via Embassy photo competition
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