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    The 21 Ultimate Birthright Summer Snapshots

    Here are thee finest photos of #taglit #birthright #summer2014. We searched through 1,000 #YOLOisrael tags on Instagram, and chose the best 21 for your viewing pleasure. WARNING: Prepare for plenty of selfies, sunrises, and everyone's favorite midweek mascot, the camel. Did we miss your amazing photo? Send it to us here Want to sign up for your own adventure? Do it here:

    1. The Desert

    2. The Sea

    3. The Nature

    4. The Sunrise

    5. The Group

    6. The Group Selfie

    7. The North

    8. The Camels

    9. The Stunner

    10. The Holy City

    11. The Wandering Yogi

    12. The Prayer

    13. The Sunset

    14. The Strangers Become Family

    15. The Cool

    16. The Circle

    17. The Thinker

    18. The Camel Selfie

    19. The One with the Flag

    20. The WOO Selfie

    21. The YOLO Israel