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    17 Must-Know Hebrew Slang Words

    You'll impress any Israeli with this list of words.

    1. Sababa

    2. Le'echol Sratim

    3. Gadol

    4. Balagan

    5. Yalla & Yalla Balagan

    6. Chai B'Seret

    7. Tachles

    8. Neshama, Motek & Mami

    9. Achi, Gever & Chabibi

    10. Combina

    11. Yesh!

    12. C'iloo & Legamre

    13. Leezrom

    14. Magniv & Achla

    15. Arsim & Frechot

    16. Lachfor

    17. Chaval Al Hazman

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