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10 Standout Websites Jew Gotta Visit (If You're A Jew)

Seeing as we are one big Jewish community, it's important we all stay on the same webpage. Here are 10 sites that will keep you in the loop when it comes down to anything Jew-ish. If you haven't visited them yet, consider it initiation into the tribe. Sponsored by Israel Experience - Because the real standout sites aren't located on the worldwide web, but exist in our homeland, Israel. Sign up to see the real thing here:

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1. Honey+Shmaltz

Sari Kamin / Via

An incredible thesis project of New York foodie Sari Kamin, who asked 40 Jews to share a recipe passed down through generations, with their stories on the side. It wonderfully captures tradition, food, and family all in one healthy sitting.

6. Hebro

Hebro / Via

With a name like that, Hebro couldn’t be anything BUT New York’s premier nightlife group for gay Jews. The site was started with a “mission of creating community of gay Jews to celebrate their unique culture and identity. And to husband-hunt.” We can get on board with that.

7. What War Zone?

Benji Lovitt / Via

An American comedian and writer living in Israel, Benji Lovitt shows big matzah balls of Jewish humor while offering a spectacular and extraordinary peak into local Israeli life, “because the Middle East is funny.” Lchaim achi!

8. Jew in the City

Jew In the City / Via

Popular blog by Allison Josephs which answers all of life’s unanswered Orthodox questions like why they seem so rude, and why women don’t wear pants? It breaks down the typical stereotype of the religious Jew and does so in a super witty, interesting, and meaningful way.

9. Free Journey To Israel

Israel Experience / Via

Giving young, adventurous Jews the chance of a lifetime in the form of a free gift to Israel. With 10 days filled with soldiers, social action, and full connectivity (i.e. WIFI), you'll be introduced to a whole new world filled with new friendships and life changing experiences.

If you’re 18 to 26 and haven’t been to Israel yet, what are you waiting for? See here for more info:

10. Jews News

JewsNews / Via

“It’s not news, unless it’s Jews News” and nothing could be more right. This site stays up to date on everything relating to our Jewish state and community, from wacky to war. Connect on Facebook for the best kind of updates!

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