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    10 Standout Websites Jew Gotta Visit (If You're A Jew)

    Seeing as we are one big Jewish community, it's important we all stay on the same webpage. Here are 10 sites that will keep you in the loop when it comes down to anything Jew-ish. If you haven't visited them yet, consider it initiation into the tribe. Sponsored by Israel Experience - Because the real standout sites aren't located on the worldwide web, but exist in our homeland, Israel. Sign up to see the real thing here:

    1. Honey+Shmaltz

    2. Jewcy

    3. Heeb

    4. JDate

    5. What Jew Wanna Eat?

    6. Hebro

    7. What War Zone?

    8. Jew in the City

    9. Free Journey To Israel

    10. Jews News