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    Trump Fans Flamed The Wrong "Hamilton Theatre" On Twitter

    They wanted @HamiltonMusical, but they got @HamiltonTheatre instead.

    This is the cast of Hamilton.

    Hamilton / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HamiltonMusical

    On Friday, the actors made headlines by addressing Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage after he caught the show, asking that the Trump administration govern "on behalf of all of us."

    And this is the Hamilton Theatre, the oldest musical theatre company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

    Hamilton Theatre Inc.

    Unfortunately for the Canadians, over the weekend many Trump supporters mistook the company's @HamiltonTheatre Twitter account for that of the Broadway musical, which is @HamiltonMusical.


    Riane Leonard, who runs social media for the theatre company, said she was caught completely unawares by the sudden deluge of angry tweets over the weekend.

    “I was working as the lighting board operator for our current show of the season," she told BuzzFeed Canada. "After the show, I noticed my phone had several notifications on Twitter, so I thought maybe people were talking about the show and they liked it. And I see it’s messages like ‘I’m never supporting Hamilton Theatre again,’ so I’m wondering what we did that was so bad.”

    “As I’m going through the tweets and investigating, I realize they’re referring to Hamilton the Broadway musical and not us," Leonard said.


    Even some Canadians confused the two Hamilton accounts.

    The angry tweets continued coming in for much of the weekend, Leonard said.

    “Some said they’d stage a protest outside the theatre, and my thought was like, ‘Sure if you want to come all the way up here. We have a great show going on’,” Leonard said.

    She encouraged anyone who wants to travel to Canada to check out the Hamilton Theatre's current show, The Toxic Avenger.

    Her worst fear, though, was that people tagging Donald Trump in their tweets might spark a response from the President-elect himself.

    “Oh god, all I need is for Trump to retweet this to his millions of followers,” Leonard said.

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