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These Photos Of People Golfing During A Massive Wildfire Are Extremely 2017

Definitely a metaphor.

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These amazing photos of golfers calmly finishing their games as wildfires rage in the background are totally real.

Kolsefur / Reddit / Via

The photos, first posted on Reddit, show people at the Beacon Rock Golf Course in Washington with the Oregon wildfires in the background.

Mark Mayfield, the golf course's operations manager, said the photos were taken on Monday, and that no one was in any real danger.

The wildfires "looked much closer" in the photos, he said. "You can't feel the heat."

The apocalyptic images have gone viral, for obvious reasons.

In the pantheon of visual metaphors for America today, this is the money shot.

"I haven't seen a more perfect visual analogy to the current state of the US."

I haven't seen a more perfect visual analogy to the current state of the US. Oregon fires near this golf course:


This is basically 2017, yes.

Really, the only thing missing from the photo is America's most committed golfer.

@JuliaCya @SuperJoeMunday @tesom0626 Let's golf like a president ! 😁🤣 Make America Golf Again

It reminded some people of the "lawn mower man" who just wanted to finish cutting his grass despite the tornado nearby.

@ianbremmer @AprilSpectrum I've seen something like this before 🤔 OH YEAH! Same attitude, different natural disaste…

This is becoming a weird trend, it seems.

Even the golf course got in on the fun.

Facebook / Via

Mayfield said firefighters cleared out the golf course shortly after these now-viral photos were taken. But Beacon Rock has since reopened for business.

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