Here's Why People Keep Finding Human Feet On The B.C. Coast

    It's all about the shoes.

    Since 2007, on a dozen different occasions, human feet have washed up on the British Columbia shoreline. The most recent foot was discovered near Port Renfrew this month.

    The reason these feet keep showing up on the beach is not a mystery, though. Just look at the packaging.

    Anderson's own experiments with pig carcasses show that this process can take as little as a few days or as long as several months.

    Lastly, the materials in a running shoe also help the feet avoid a watery grave at the bottom of the ocean. "It's basically a floatation device, so it's going to hold it all together and get it washed ashore," Anderson said.


    As of February 2016, 12 feet had washed ashore. In December of 2017, a 13th foot was discovered.