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A Truck Full Of Mayo And Salad Dressing Crashed And It’s As Disgusting As You Think

This careless driver is sure to get a dressing down.

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A truck carrying mayonnaise and salad dressing tipped over on a busy roadway in Toronto, spilling a neon green sludge all over the road and bringing traffic to a stop for hours.

An Ontario Provincial Police officer shared these disgusting photos on Twitter from the crash site. 😷

Truck crash or Ghostbusters set? Hmm.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP Highway Safety Division said the truck tipped over on the Don Valley Parkway off-ramp onto Highway 401 — a crucial traffic artery in Toronto.

The driver was injured and taken to hospital, and later charged with careless driving, police said.

Clean up on the DVP ramp to Hwy401 WB. Est 8 pm for reopening. The driver has been charged with Careless driving

Traffic was shut down on the ramp for several hours as clean-up crews tried to mop up the mess.


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