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    Jul. 30, 2015

    What Else Has Stephen Harper Cecil The Lion'd?

    He's already taken out democracy, according to one cartoonist. What else has Stephen Harper killed that was precious to you?

    Here's Halifax Chronicle-Herald cartoonist Michael de Adder's take on Cecil the Lion.

    @chronicleherald for July 30. #cdnpoli #CecilTheLion

    Yup. That's Prime Minister Stephen Harper smiling proudly after having killed Canadian democracy.

    Reaction to the cartoon on Twitter has been mixed.

    @deAdder @chronicleherald Controversial but there are parallels...

    @deAdder @chronicleherald so calling an election is killing democracy?

    For what it's worth, de Adder is an equal-opportunity offender and goes after politicians from all parts of the political spectrum.

    @mattie_elaine I've taken a hard swipe at every party this week. Liberals twice, NDP once. Cons three times. Cons are in power.

    But we figured, why stop here?

    Sure, democracy is all well and good, but what other precious things has Stephen Harper killed on the African plains of your existence? Poor Cecil could only die once, but we can use his death as a heavy-handed metaphor for all eternity.

    Use our caption generator below to make and share your own timely editorial cartoon.

    Thanks to Michael de Adder for being a good sport and giving us permission to use his image. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his website.

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