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What The Hell Was This Weird Glowing Thing In The Sky Over Calgary?


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People in Calgary noticed something weird in the sky on Tuesday.

yycjabs / Imgur / Via

Some people described it as "burning" on its way down.

Anyone know what this burning / falling object in the sky over #calgary is? #yyc

"It was falling. And bits were falling off and glowing," user yycjabs wrote on Reddit.

This person said there were even explosions.

"My wife thought we were getting nuked."
Reddit / Via

"My wife thought we were getting nuked."

Many people suggested it was the sun hitting part of a contrail, the trail of vapour left in the wake of a passing airplane.

Peculiar looking #contrails in the sky above #yyc tonight.

Even astronomer Phil Plait guessed as much.

@BigtimeYYC @astrogeo Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me.

We asked experts at Environment Canada and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for their input, but we haven't heard back. The mystery continues.

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