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People Were Not Happy With These Sexist Ads From LG Canada

"Because less laundry time means more mani-pedi time."

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People are not happy with a new ad campaign from LG Canada that suggests only women do the laundry. And when they're not doing laundry, they're getting manicures!

LG Canada / Twitter

LG Canada posted the ads for its Twin Wash laundry machines on Twitter and Facebook, touting the machines' speed. The tagline reads: "Beacause less laundry time means more mani-pedi time."

People were unimpressed.

Really, LG? #everydaysexism


.@LGCanada is this your Director of Marketing?

Is the LG Twin Wash actually a time machine?

@LGCanada I didn't realize it was 1950. Thanks for the sexist ad though! Needed a reminder of what my hobbies should be.

What the actual fuck is this. Are you serious?!? Is this 1950. Did I miss a memo @LGCanada

And what about the men?

Help @LGCanada, I have a penis and forgot how to laundry. Can you ask one of the ladies from the #LGTwinWashTime ads


Arlene Dickinson, the investor and former judge on CBC's Dragons' Den, had a great idea for the brains behind the ad campaign.

Whoever is responsible for the @LGCanada campaign should spend THEIR spare time learning about gender stereotyping. #taketheseadsdown.


LG Canada posted an apology on Twitter.

The ads "were perceived by some as making gender assumptions about women's behaviour, and that was not our intention," the company said. "We respect their position and apologize."

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