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    Vancouver Has Officially Gone A Whole Year Without Snow

    This could be bad news come springtime, though.

    Here's another reason for the rest of the country to be jealous of Vancouver. According to the Weather Network, the city has gone more than a year without snow.

    #YVR has gone a year without snow, but it's not the only B.C. city weathering a #snowdrought:

    Other parts of British Columbia have gone even longer.

    Environment Canada confirmed the Weather Network numbers and said it's only the second time Vancouver has had a snow-free year since records began in 1938. "The last time was in the winter of 1956-1957," meteorologist Matt MacDonald told BuzzFeed Canada.

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    The lack of accumulated snow does not mean there was no snowfall, but that it didn't stay on the ground to be measured.

    There have only been 10 winters in Vancouver with less than 5 centimetres of snow, most of them occurring in the last three decades.

    The lack of snow can have serious consequences, though.

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    "There was very little snow in the mountains last year, and when we got to April there was very little snow to melt out," MacDonald said. "April and June were also some of the driest months on record, ever."

    Much of British Columbia experienced drought in 2015, with water restrictions affecting homeowners and agriculture.

    "Things were dire out here," MacDonald said.

    Although it's hard to project into the future, MacDonald said another winter with little snow, coupled with an unusually strong El Niño, could set the stage for another difficult drought in B.C.

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