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Vancouver Streets Are Icy AF And People Can't Deal

Stay safe out there!

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Here's a beautiful view of Vancouver's skyline right now.

A live view from Downtown Vancouver: Outstanding! Temperature is zero.

But at street level it's a totally different story.

Vancouver sidewalks are ice rinks without a speck of salt. #wtf @CityofVancouver when are you going to work on this…

Some recent storms and subsequent melting have basically turned Metro Vancouver into a giant ice rink.


Some people laced up and played hockey right on the streets.

Facebook: video.php

But most people are just really frustrated with the pace of snow and ice removal.

Such an icy dangerous sidewalk @CityofVancouver why do you not salt??? #cambie #olympicvillage

Clearing sidewalks is up to homeowners and businesses, but not everyone has been doing their part.

The City of Vancouver says it's aware of the problems and is ramping up its response. The city has used over 7,000 tonnes of salt this winter — a sevenfold increase over the previous year, according to Global News.

A lot of streets are really risky for pedestrians right now.

hey vancouver, where can i get spikes to attach to my shoes for walking on ice? i don't want to keep falling.

I hate Vancouver so much sometimes. Can y'all learn to shovel your sidewalks sorry don't have to skate to class.

This is pretty terrifying, and not something you usually see in Vancouver.

Another skate/walk across the Gran St. Bridge this am. @CityofVancouver this is really dangerous.


The ice... it's everywhere!

The sidewalk outside Vancouver City Hall is a sheet of ice. Come on, @CityofVancouver

Walk on the snow they said, it's less slippery than the ice. #vancouver

Even waiting for the bus can be treacherous.

Loved sliding onto the bus at 10th and Sasamat this morning @CityofVancouver

Some people have been poking fun at Vancouver residents for not being better prepared for winter.

Sure have noticed a lot of people whining about the winter weather here in Vancouver. It's not that bad people. #Sheltered

Although not everyone finds it funny.

Just in case any non-Vancouverites are like "lol why is Vancouver so bad at winter" - it's cause the whole city is an ice rink, that's why.

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