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This Woman Called The US Election Results "White Supremacy’s Last Stand"

"This is hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow."

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While most people watched American outlets for their election night news, some caught a powerful moment on Canadian television.

CBC / Via Twitter: @Peaceameat

American pundit Danielle Moodie-Mills was on a panel on CBC News Network, providing commentary as the election results rolled in. When Donald Trump took the lead, she said the main cause was racism.

"This is literally white supremacy’s last stand in America," she said. "This is it. This is what it looks like."

"I have nothing left to lose so I will say it: This is white supremacy's last stand." This clip sums up…

Here are Moodie-Mills' full comments:

"I do not believe that this is people saying ‘I couldn't possibly have a woman in this role.’ This is so much bigger than that. This is about — and I will say it because I have literally nothing left to lose tonight — is that this is literally white supremacy’s last stand in America. This is it. This is what it looks like.

This was black people being pushed out of rallies. This is a young boy with cerebral palsy having his wheelchair kicked. … This is hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow.

So you want to talk about whether Hillary Clinton is likable, whether it was about emails — no. We underestimated, as Americans, how deep our hatred was of the other, how deep white uneducated Americans felt about the demographic shift. We underestimated that level of insidious, blind hatred.

And what you had was a man who went around, he stoked every fire, he lit every branch, every branch, and just opened the floodgates.”


A lot of people took notice.

I need to know the name of the Black Woman who is commentating on CBC tonight. I want to send her some love for her bravery and honesty

Some people got emotional.

I just cried!

And many people praised her for her statement.

This woman is calling out white supremacy on Canadian national television and she is amazing

Moodie-Mills said that she had reached a breaking point. "This is the moment that I said... yeah, my truth can't be held back anymore."

This is the moment that I just said... yeah, my truth can't be held back anymore so... #ElectionDay

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