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    A Dad Started Hurling Stuff Into A Fire Because His Son's Girlfriend Thought The Earth Is Flat

    This is going to be awkward at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Police in Brockville, Ontario, are looking for a 56-year-old man after a family argument about the shape of the Earth got out of hand, leading him to start throwing things into a campfire out of frustration.

    According to the police, the disagreement was between a woman who insisted that the Earth is flat and her boyfriend's father, who argued that the Earth is round.

    Police and firefighters showed up after the father started throwing objects into the fire that belonged to the couple, including a propane tank.

    He left the scene before police could charge him with mischief.

    As for the debate about whether the Earth is flat, police said that “neither party would change their views."

    Brockville Police say an argument about the shape of the earth lead to a fire at a campsite. Mmmk then. #OttNews

    (And just for the record, the Earth is round.)