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Two Americans Got On Their Knees And Begged Justin Trudeau To Run For President

"All our guys are so bad."

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Two guys in New York literally got on their knees and begged Justin Trudeau to run for president.

This just happened in a NYC cafe: @cnnbrk @FoxNews @JustinTrudeau @HuffingtonPost

"Could you run for president here?" they asked Trudeau.

The Canadian prime minister tried to explain that even if he wanted to, he can't run for president because he wasn't born in America. But the two men wouldn't take no for an answer.

"All our guys are so bad," they said.

"They're either boring, weird, you have to settle for them — please!"

The prime minister, who is in New York as part of a United Nations visit, was in a smoked meat restaurant when he was cornered by the two desperate Americans.

Facebook: video.php

Trudeau tried to explain that he already had a pretty important job. But his fans wouldn't relent, as this video by journalist Marie-Joelle Parent shows.

Eventually Trudeau just had to walk away, leaving them still kneeling on the floor.

This is what desperation looks like, folks.

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