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    Canadians Have No Interest In Making Things Easy For American Trump Refugees


    Bad news, all you Americans who threatened to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president. Turns out Canadians don't want to make things easy for you.


    In a new poll released on election day, only 1 in 10 Canadians said they supported "making it easier for American citizens to immigrate to Canada" in case of a Trump victory. Almost three quarters of respondents said the rules should stay the same, with the rest unsure how they felt about letting the Yankees over the border.

    Sorry, Americans. You'll just have to get in line with everyone else.

    Canadians polled on whether to make American immigration easier in case of a Trump victory overwhelmingly say no.

    If this was your Plan B, it might be time to find another one.

    Well... sheeyit!

    Canadians may have a reputation for being nice, but we're also petty.

    This is what you get for nominating Trump.

    Look, there's some real dangers here. We need extreme vetting to make sure no bad hombres get in.

    what if terrorists get in? i vote no.

    And of course some Canadians immediately apologized.

    The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll of more than 5,000 Canadians also found that Canadians would vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump by a huge margin. She would get 68% of the popular vote, with Trump getting only 17%.

    Another 15% would vote for third-party candidates or were unsure.

    Good luck with your election, America!

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