Justin Trudeau Wore Rubber Ducky Socks And People Have Some Strong Feelings About It

    Sock it to me.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is at the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland.

    On Thursday, Trudeau busted out some purple-and-yellow rubber ducky socks. And people have a lot of strong feelings about them.

    Keen sock-ologists were quick to notice the latest addition to his wardrobe.

    They were impressed with Trudeau taking his sock game "to a whole new level."

    Justin Trudeau takes his sock game to a whole new level

    Hell yeah, let's see that sock content.

    Where does one find these magical foot-gloves?

    . @JustinTrudeau Where do you get your amazing socks?! I love them! https://t.co/xDaa7mkxjh

    "It's official. @JustinTrudeau is my dream man."

    It’s official. @JustinTrudeau is my dream man. Check out those purple socks with ducks on 🐥🙌🏻😍

    If you own the same socks, congrats! You're prime minister now.

    Dunno if Owning The Same Socks As Justin Trudeau is a LinkedIn-eligible skill, but I’m going to try

    Did anything important happen this week in Davos, the exclusive resort town in the Swiss Alps where the global elite meet once a year to sit on panels and give speeches to one another? Who really knows.


    Aww. Justin Trudeau brought his rubber ducky socks to Davos


    Say what you want about his politics, I need more politicians wearing duck socks. https://t.co/sPR0r7Z1YD

    Don't be embarrassed. Embrace the socks!

    Meanwhile, Canadians are embarrassed because their nation's leader wore quirky socks. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT EMBARRASS… https://t.co/4Et7JHbOF0

    S-O-C-K-S, that is how you spell success (and also socks).

    owning the same socks as Justin Trudeau will definitely be on my college apps and resumes from now on https://t.co/qIqjx9wCz7

    In conclusion: Socks.

    It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Justin Trudeau but there's a time and a place for novelty socks and a panel about… https://t.co/FIkUc1LjQs