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    This Adorable Polar Bear Cub Just Discovered Snow

    So fluffy.

    The Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub is now 3 months old and ready to discover the joys of frolicking in the snow.

    Toronto Zoo

    The zoo says the cub, who still doesn't have a name, weighs over 16 pounds and is starting to be introduced "to various enrichment items," according to a post on the Toronto Zoo's Facebook page.

    "This week, she was introduced to snow for the first time and she will continue to spend time outdoors daily to slowly become familiarized with the area which will become her new home."

    Toronto Zoo

    Look at that little puff of snow on her nose!

    Toronto Zoo

    "What is this stuff???"

    Toronto Zoo

    Here's a video of the cub finding her way in the snow.

    Facebook: video.php
    Toronto Zoo

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