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A Frustrated Mom Sent Her Son An Invoice For All The Things He Takes For Granted

"Being an asshole and not appreciative of your mother's support financially or otherwise."

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A Reddit user in Toronto says his mom invoiced him for living at home for 13 months without properly appreciating all she did for him.

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Reddit user Chalipo shared a photo of the bill, which charged him for such things as food, utilities, and cleaning. An extra $1,000 was tacked on for "being an asshole" who wasn't appreciative enough of his mother's financial and other support.

The final bill came to $39,254.17. "My mom doesn't expect me to repay her," he said on Reddit. The bill was just meant to highlight how much he took for granted.

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The mother and son told the invoice was a result of his unwillingness to help get his younger brother health benefits, for which the whole family had to provide their personal information.

“I was refusing to cooperate, and my mom was just looking out for my brother, and I was being a little selfish,” he told the website.

The invoice seems to have worked, though. The son, who is living at home to save up before moving out with his girlfriend, said it made him realize all the hidden costs of running a household.

“It’s just kind of a wake-up call for me to get with the program with the whole life thing.”

BuzzFeed Canada reached out to the Reddit user who shared the image. We'll update this post when he gets back to us.

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