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A Little Brown Bat Got Lost And Ended Up In A Canadian Man's Toilet

The little guy was stressed and confused, but he's safe now.

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A Toronto man who was just trying to answer nature's call found a surprise waiting for him in the toilet this week.

Michael Connor / Via Facebook: Michael.G.W.Connor

Michael Connor shared photos of his visitor on his Facebook page Tuesday: a little brown bat who was probably just as confused to be there as the homeowner.

"Interesting way to start the day," he wrote.

"A little before 6 a.m. this morning, just as I was sitting down, with only the light of morning coming in the window, I realized there was a swimmer in the toilet."

It's not clear how the bat got into the house — or the toilet — but it was alive.

Michael Connor / Via Facebook: Michael.G.W.Connor

"He (I'm guessing) was stressed, and needed to swim constantly. So I moved quickly to formulate a removal plan. I have no idea how it's possible that he ended up swimming in my toilet."

Connor then placed him in a dark patch outside to sleep off the ordeal.

Michael Connor / Via Facebook: Michael.G.W.Connor

"He pretty quickly oriented himself head down and was spreading his wings and vocalizing when I left him," Connor wrote.

When he checked back in a few hours later, his bat friend was gone, probably very grateful for the help.

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