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    A Lot Of People In Toronto Can't Answer Basic Questions About Canada

    "You wonder why we want to separate from you!"

    Quebec political comedian Guy Nantel visited Toronto recently to test people's knowledge about Canada. Not everyone did well.

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    "People often blame me because I keep laughing at dumb Quebecers who don't know anything, but let's see if English-speaking Canadians are as dumb as we are!"

    Things started easy: Who is the current prime minister of Canada?


    A few people had no clue, and this woman thought it was Jean Chretien, who hasn't been prime minister for 12 years.

    Even those who knew Stephen Harper didn't always know which party he leads.


    Several people thought the Conservative leader actually leads the NDP.

    NDP leader Tom Mulcair fared even worse. A lot of people just had no clue who he was.

    "I don't know. Conrad Black?"

    Some people just made something up.

    People also struggled to remember Justin Trudeau's father.


    "You wonder why we want to separate from you," Nantel joked. "You don't know nothing!"

    Some of the people Nantel quizzed also showed a limited grasp of Canadian geography, like on how many provinces there are in Canada.


    FYI: There are 10 provinces and 3 territories.

    And this guy waaaaay overestimated Canada's population.


    "One hundred thousand million." (Sorry, more like 35 million.)

    Watch the full, cringe-worthy video below:

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    Guy Nantel's Vox Pop videos are hugely popular in Quebec, where he has been doing political comedy for decades.


    Earlier this year Nantel asked student protesters in Quebec who were protesting against austerity to actually define austerity, and the results were similarly hilarious. Some couldn't even spell the word.

    Nantel's critics have said he makes Quebecers look stupid, which inspired him to take his act to Toronto and prove he isn't picking on his home province.

    A spokesperson for Nantel told BuzzFeed Canada the comedian interviewed about 20 people for the Toronto video.

    For comedic purposes, he only kept the funny wrong answers in the video, but most people got at least some answers right, Kristina Bernard said.

    "The more surprising fact is that only two of the persons that he interviewed have been able to recognize Thomas Mulcair."

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