A Bunch Of Cars, Trucks, And Buses Slammed Into Each Other On An Icy Road

    Fast & Furious Montreal.

    Icy road conditions in Montreal led to a massive vehicle pile-up at the bottom of a hill. The collisions included two buses, several cars, a police cruiser, and even a snowplow truck.

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    It's hard not to look on in horror as the vehicles slide down the hill and smash into each other in a harrowing, slow-motion display of why you should definitely have robust winter tires if you drive in Canada.

    Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, according to CBC Montreal.

    The whole thing is kind of mesmerizing.

    Crazy pileup just outside my office. Drive safe everyone 😔

    Can't. Look. Away.

    Even the police and a snowplow driver were no match for Montreal's icy streets.

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    And it didn't take long for someone to make a Benny Hill version.

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    There were plenty of conflicted feelings.

    This is awful, but hilarious https://t.co/FMKmoyyUdl

    The whole thing looked strangely familiar to some people.

    when curling is life https://t.co/Z6sEWHbNV3

    It just kept going and going.

    This is mesmerizeing. In slow motion, it just keeps on unfolding. https://t.co/6539gykRmG

    Were these drivers somehow unaware that it was December in Canada?

    BREAKING NEWS: winter weather in December is occurring in Canada. https://t.co/1YmSZKOXrg

    At least we can all look forward to the movie.