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    This Pub Was Accused Of Discriminating Against Men Over A Promotion To Highlight The Wage Gap

    "I think he was serious," owner Mark Serre said of the complainant.

    A pub in London, Ontario, has been threatened with a human rights complaint over the establishment's 13% discount for women to highlight the gender wage gap.

    Morrissey House / Facebook

    According to government figures from 2015, women in Canada make 87 cents for every dollar made by men. To note this fact, the Morrissey House pub announced a new deal that would give women customers 13% off meals every Monday.

    Owner Mark Serre said that within hours of announcing the "Mind the Gap" promotion, he got an email from someone claiming it was an act of discrimination against men.

    Many people have come out in support of the pub since Serre publicized the complaint.

    The complainant needs to go live in the mountains and stop bothering people.

    Serre said the pub has had discounts for women on previous occasions, such as on International Women's Day.

    He said that in light of the #MeToo movement, it was important to keep talking about systemic sexism, especially in the restaurant industry, which has seen several high-profile examples of powerful men being accused of sexual misconduct.

    Serre said that, paradoxically, the complaint has given much more attention to the promotion and the underlying reasons for it.

    Please support @morrisseyhouse. Women’s rights are human rights. #ldnont

    Morrissey House will donate some of the money from Monday sales to local charities, including women's shelters.

    "I couldn't be happier for the amount of conversation that's happening," Serre said.

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