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    This Canadian Dad Took His Hoverboard Crash Video Way Too Far

    “I had the camera on the selfie pole, and I had a microphone hooked up to the camera. I had too many things going on at once.”

    This is the story of how a dad's selfie video on his hoverboard went horribly wrong and he ended up in the hospital with a busted knee. And he kept on filming the whole damn time.

    Les Holmes shared a video of himself trying out his hoverboard outside for the very first time in Windsor, Ontario.

    Things were going well...

    Les Holmes / Via

    Until this happened.

    Les Holmes / Via

    Holmes told BuzzFeed Canada it was the complicated logistics of his video that got him in trouble.

    "I was holding the telescopic selifie stick with the camera and lavalier microphone on it and I looked to the side camera to get a different angle. As I looked sideways I bagan to lose balance, that is when I jumped off the hoverboard," he said.

    "As soon as my foot hit the pavement it buckles and i felt the snapping of my tendon and my kneecap shot right up into my nerves, muscle and ligaments."

    This was the result, with one of his knees about three times the size of the other.

    Les Holmes / Via

    But Holmes didn't stop the video shoot after his fall.

    He kept filming when the paramedics showed up.

    He filmed his entire ambulance ride.

    Les Holmes / Via

    And he kept filming even at the hospital.


    Les Holmes / Via

    "The diagnosis was a torn patella tendon that also split, as well as some nerve damage an internal bruising," he said.

    He ended up needing surgery on his knee, and he's out of work for about three months. He's given the hoverboard to his daughters for now.

    Holmes, who is the safety rep at his job with the City of Windsor, said he wants others to learn from his experience and not repeat his mistake.

    Here's the full video of his hoverboard journey.

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