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    This Hero Got Out Of His Car On A Busy Highway To Save A Kitten

    The terrified little kitten fell out of an SUV.

    This gem of a person risked his own life to save a poor kitten that had tumbled out of a moving car on a busy Russian highway.


    His act of compassion was caught on highway safety cameras in Kaliningrad, and posted to, Russia's equivalent to Facebook.

    The kitten appeared to fall out of an SUV at high speed.


    Either hurt or just too terrified to move, the kitten avoided death by mere inches as cars sped by and over it.


    This truck even swerved into the barrier to avoid crushing the little creature trapped on the road.


    After more than three agonizing minutes of this, someone finally stepped in. This guy pulled over his car, walked out, and brought the little one to safety.


    It's generally a bad idea to stop on the highway for small animals because of the risk of causing an accident, but come on. Come onnnnnn. Can you really blame him?

    Here's the full video of the heroic rescue.

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