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    You Will Actually Die From How Mind-Blowing The New Circle K Logo Is

    "Warm colors which merge to become reminiscent of the sunrise — inspiring, every day."

    Major news, Canada: Mac's stores are being phased out.

    Raul Pacheco-Vega / Via

    Couche-Tard, the Quebec-based company that owns Mac's, announced Tuesday that it's retiring the brand starting in 2017. Stores in Quebec will continue to be called Couche-Tard and keep the owl logo, but outside the province all its other convenience stores are turning into Circle K outlets.

    This might sound like bad news if you grew up buying your snacks and Frosters at Mac's, but don't worry. It's actually the greatest thing that's ever happened.

    In addition to Mac's and Circle K, Couche-Tard also owns Statoil and Kangaroo Express stores. Now they are all being folded into a hot, new international Circle K brand, and it comes with a mind-blowing new logo.

    Circle K
    Steph Schumann / Couche-Tard

    Old and busted --> new hotness.

    Is your mind blown yet?

    Here's how the company describes its amazing new logo in a press release:

    Circle K / Via Facebook

    The white circles illustrate "wholeness, unity and teams; this most ancient symbol is strong and dynamic, rolling ahead."

    To be open and not exclusive, "one leg of the K in the logo intersects the circle, welcoming our customers and communities."

    The legs of the K are "kissing" the stem "in a gesture that reflects the welcoming embrace of our Québec heritage."

    "CAPITAL letters (as in 'STATOIL') denoting solidity, stability and competence."

    "Warm colors which merge to become reminiscent of the sunrise — inspiring, every day."

    The company even released this slick video that shows how all the other logos have gone into the new Circle K logo.

    View this video on YouTube

    Why isn't Jony Ive narrating this?!?

    Just look at how the old Statoil logo slices the new K.

    Couche-Tard / Via


    Or how the Mac's logo gives it the right dimensions and colour.

    Couche-Tard / Via

    Wow, I'm speechless!

    And let's not forget this truly astounding orange line that's been added.

    Couche-Tard / Via

    I'm crying right now.

    This isn't just a logo, people. It's a goddamn movement. A revolution!

    Eugène Delacroix / BuzzFeed Canada / Via

    BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to Couche-Tard to ask if Frosters are still going to be sold at the new Circle K stores but we haven't heard back.

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