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    An Ontario Mom Made The Most Amazing Gord Downie Costume For Her Son

    This kid wins Halloween for his perfect tribute to The Tragically Hip frontman.

    This is Bentley Davidson. He's two-and-a-half years old, and he just won Halloween with this perfect Gord Downie costume.

    Shannon White / Via

    Bentley's mom, Shannon White, posted this photo on her Facebook page and it instantly went viral. It was shared thousands of times in less than a day, she said.

    “I could never have imagined it blowing up like this,” White told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Downie wore this instantly iconic outfit for much of The Tragically Hip's farewell tour this summer, including during the band's final televised concert, which was viewed by more than 11 million Canadians.

    David Bastedo / The Tragically Hip

    White, who lives in Trenton, Ontario, said she's always been a huge fan of the band. "We grew up on The Hip," she said.

    Shannon White

    “I was watching the final concert and I thought it would be an awesome tribute to a great Canadian icon. I discussed it with my hubby, and we asked Bentley if he wanted to be Gord Downie for Halloween, and he said yes.”

    The result is pure magic.

    Best. Costume. Ever. #thetragicallyhip #GordDownie

    White the outfit together from many different sources, including Walmart, thrift shops, craft stores, and a local fair. The scarf is a repurposed sock, and the pants were custom-made.

    “I had to order the fabric for the pants from the States, because I couldn’t find anyone in Canada who carried it," she said.

    Best of all, there's a part of the real Gord Downie in Bentley's outfit.

    Shannon White

    The handkerchief in his back pocket once belonged to the singer, and White said she's had it since 2008, when Downie threw it into the audience during a show in Belleville, Ontario.