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Someone Hijacked A Construction Crane For Some Reason

But... doesn't hijacking mean you're taking it somewhere?

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This just in: Someone "hijacked" a construction crane in downtown Calgary on Monday.

Calgary crane hijacked by unknown male #yeg #yyc

Detective Jody Cross of the Calgary Police told BuzzFeed News that authorities were alerted "to a male in a crane" just before 7 a.m.

It's not clear what the person's motives were. Police closed off surrounding streets as officers climbed the crane to "negotiate" with him, Cross said.

Calgary SWAT climbing hijacked crane. #yyc

That's right, a SWAT team!

The whole thing was kinda weird, tbh.

Crane box is surrounded. #yyc #craneguy #calgary

People had a lot of questions, starting with "WTF?"

So a guy has highjacked a crane downtown.... is he high? is he bored? is he just eager to help? what a Monday #yyc #CraneGuy


Doesn't hijacking usually happen to things that can move?

...who the f*ck hijacks a crane? #yyc

Or maybe it was just "commandeered," not hijacked.

Crane that has been "commandeered" #yyccrane #yyc


There were theories.

Maybe Donald Trump owns the crane... #yyc #CraneGuy

Was this the suspect?

He left his red underwear and suction cups at home, so he had to climb a crane instead. #yyc


The crane hijacker is an inspiration unto us all.

If you need Monday Motivation, remember it's 9am & someone already hijacked a crane before you drank your second cup of coffee. #yyc

Police eventually took him into custody about four hours after he climbed up, but then had to figure out how to get him down. "It's 35 storeys up," Cross said.

He's out! Now to get him down! #yyc #Calgary #craneguy

Luckily, the Calgary Fire Department was on hand to solve that particular riddle.

Crews lower a man who climbed a crane downtown this am. @ctvkevingreen live report at 12 #yyc @CTVCalgary

Calgary can be pretty weird sometimes.

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