Justin Trudeau Is Getting Roasted For His Over-The-Top Indian Outfits

    "Indians don't dress like this every day."

    Justin Trudeau is in India with his family on an official visit, and he is doing the absolute most.

    It looks like the whole trip might have just been an excuse to wear cool Indian clothes.

    And to really, like, experience the culture. You know? Just really find yourself.

    Namaste, Justin.

    Even people in India are starting to think it's "all just a bit much."

    Is it just me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now? Also FYI we Indians don’t dress like this… https://t.co/BZpdZVeLEo

    People have also wondered why Trudeau has been dressed like he's attending his own wedding.

    Meet the newly wed indian couple. #JustinTrudeau wearing indian groom costume and #KristyDuncan wearing typical ind… https://t.co/c3G6Z9iR2h

    Here he is with Science Minister Kirsty Duncan...also dressed for a wedding.

    It's starting to get weird, dude.

    @JustinTrudeau @iamsrk Mr Trudeau,I notice that you are wearing Maanyavar clothes everywhere in India. Please be in… https://t.co/kPQkIf0zgw

    Pop quiz: Which of these people is a Bollywood star?

    That's right — Shah Rukh Khan, the handsome fellow in the crisp black suit.

    Then there was the impromptu bhangra dancing.

    Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau makes an entrance at the Canada house in New Delhi. Truly in the spirit of India.… https://t.co/0YF9sRGFul

    Which...not everyone loved.

    Justin Trudeau just showed off his bhangra dance moves. Not sure people were impressed.

    People have been roasting the Trudeaus for their, um, cultural immersion.

    white people after one (1) yoga class

    Don't worry, he did tone it down eventually. Sort of.

    I see Trudeau has finally toned down his costume on his India trip. Slightly.

    And just when things couldn't get much worse, they did. Turns out a guy who tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister in the 1980s was invited to a formal dinner with Trudeau.

    A man who was convicted of trying to assassinate an Indian cabinet minister in 1986 should not have been invited to… https://t.co/XxHJHM2Z9d

    Which unnamed senior Canadian officials then tried to blame on...people within the Indian government.

    Presence of attempted murderer on Trudeau's trip arranged by Indian government factions, official says… https://t.co/xaISege1tK


    It's certainly been an eventful week for the Canadian prime minister.