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    Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau Spontaneously Burst Into Song For Martin Luther King Day

    She wrote the song for her daughter Ella-Grace.

    Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau sang an impromptu song while attending a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event at Ottawa City Hall.

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    The song, "Smile Back At Me," was not specifically about the civil rights leader or about racial justice. Gregoire-Trudeau said it was a song she had written for her daughter Ella-Grace.

    Before she started singing, Gregoire-Trudeau warned onlookers that her performance was "not planned — trust me."

    Here are the lyrics to "Smile Back At Me":

    Some people doubt
    That angels can fly
    And some people fight
    Without knowing why
    Some people live
    Without seeing the light
    Some people live
    Oh no no no no but not quite
    And I know that good will prevail
    And I can conquer the world
    With all the love that I feel
    When you smile back at me
    When you smiiiiiile back at me
    I see it from the corner of your eye
    The day that we will say goodbye
    But nothing will take away
    What's between you and me
    When you smile back at me
    When you smile back at me
    When you smile, when you smile
    When you smile…
    I love you, my child.

    Gregoire-Trudeau was one of several guest speakers at the event. Others had already shared songs with attendees before she took the podium, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

    "It was already a musical celebration well before she stood up — an aboriginal elder, a drummer, a cantor, an imam and a Baptist taking turns — so Grégoire-Trudeau said she felt like joining in," the Citizen reported.

    According to the newspaper, Gregoire-Trudeau also "compared Canada to a huge fall of snow where every person, like every snowflake, is unique."

    UPDATE: There's a house remix of G-T's musical stylings.

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