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Nova Scotia Firefighters Couldn't Get Water From A Hydrant Because It Was Clogged With Fish


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The problem? The hydrant was clogged with FISH!

Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department / Facebook

Shawn Carey, the chief of the Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department, told King's County News he and his crew were trying to put out the first grass fire of the season. But when the firefighters tried to draw water from a pond, not much came through the dry hydrant.

“We went to suck the water out and the fish came with it,” Carey said. “It took us a while to figure out what the problem was.”

Dry hydrants are pipes installed near lakes and ponds, and they let firefighters fill up their trucks when fighting fires in rural places.

Aylesford and District Volunteer Fire Department / Facebook

In this case, though, it seems a bunch of fish had gotten sucked into the pipe. The fire chief said he'd never seen anything like it.

Carey said they fixed the problem by reversing the flow of water. Once the fish were flushed out, they were able to fill up the fire engine and put out the grass fire.

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