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You Can See The Smoke From Alberta's Wildfires Mixing In With The Clouds In This NASA Photo

"The smoke has become entrained within the clouds."

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For a sense of how huge and ferocious the Alberta wildfires are, here's a NASA photo showing the smoke "trapped in the clouds" over Western Canada.

Jeff Schmaltz LANCE/EOSDIS MODIS Rapid Response Team, GSFC

The photo was taken by NASA's Aqua satellite.

"Entwined within the clouds is the smoke billowing up from the wildfires that are currently burning across a large expanse of the country," the space agency wrote in a blog post. "The smoke has become entrained within the clouds, causing it to twist within the circular motion of the clouds and wind."

The wildfire burning out of control in Alberta — which caused the evacuation of Fort McMurray last week — is now more than 200,000 hectares in size.


Almost 100,000 people have fled their homes in Fort McMurray and other communities, and it could be months before firefighters gain the upper hand against the flames.

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