The 1989 SkyDome Opening Celebrations Were Hilariously Cringeworthy

    A part of our heritage.

    Gather round, people. Because there's a very important part of Canadian history they never taught us in school: The live TV extravaganza that marked the opening of the SkyDome.

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    The SkyDome (now known as the "Rogers Centre" if you're a cop) opened to much fanfare on June 3, 1989.

    The new home of the Toronto Blue Jays had a retractable roof, which was a technological marvel apparently worthy of a primetime variety show on CBC.

    If you've never heard of this, here's a video of the cringeworthy, albeit well-intentioned, opening song.

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    Comedian Scott Vrooman said he couldn't believe just how badly executed the TV special was, and he wanted more people to know about it.

    “You have to be a masochist to watch this whole thing," he told BuzzFeed Canada. "It’s unwatchable, so I liked being able to boil it down to its funniest bits for people.”

    The celebration was cohosted by Growing Pains star Alan Thicke and SCTV's Andrea Martin, and featured several songs about the wonders of the retractable roof.

    Scott Vrooman // Retrontario / Via

    It's a roof...but it retracts!

    There were awkward sports-themed show tunes.

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    An incomprehensible comedy routine by Quebec impressionist André-Philippe Gagnon.

    Scott Vrooman // Retrontario / Via

    And this turtle mascot named "Domer."

    Scott Vrooman // Retrontario

    Basically it was the 1980s distilled into a two-hour TV special, delivered with all the pizazz of North Korean propaganda.

    Scott Vrooman // Retrontario

    And then the whole thing got rained out because they, well, opened the retractable roof.

    Scott Vrooman // Retrontario

    Big mistake.

    Thank you, SkyDome.

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