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Someone Wrote “Scohol” In Giant Letters Outside A School And People Are Unimpressed

Stay in scohol, kids.

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Someone who was supposed to warn people about a school zone screwed up and spelled out "SCOHOL" in giant letters on the road in Revelstoke, British Columbia.


The misspelled word is located outside an elementary school. According to the city's operations manager, there were three stencils with two letters each, Global News reported.

The painter apparently had a mix-up and placed the middle stencil upside-down and reversed the order of the letters.

People in Revelstoke are really making the most of the hilarious screwup.

Instagram: @nicckid

No, the irony is not lost on anyone.

Instagram: @matt_8ms

Maybe it's a new thing.

It's a "scohol" zone 😳


"Did the person writing this actually go to 'scohol'?" this person asked.

Did the person writing this actually go to 'scohol'

And of course, some people invoked Donald Trump's famous typo from earlier in the week.

Scohol is where you learn all about covfefe.

"A scohol for only the most covfefe of children."

A scohol for only the most covfefe of children.

The city said it was sending another contractor out to fix the error, so enjoy it while you can.

At least we all learned a valuable lesson.

Instagram: @revelstokecharm

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