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21 Times People In Saskatchewan Outsmarted The Weather

"My neighbour is clearing the snow off his car with a leaf blower."

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1. When snow was used as a convenient way to chill beer.

2. Or when beer was used to measure a snowfall.

How deep is the Sask snow cover so far? Not quite one beer bottle it appears.

3. When this guy reimagined the possibilities.

4. When this woman refused to lose sight of her fitness goals.

Winter running attire in Saskatchewan LOL πŸ™ˆ

5. Anyone who survived this hail storm.

Huge #hail 5k south of Manor, SK #skstorm

6. When a terrifying tornado on the horizon was just a great background for wedding photos.

Colleen Niska Photography / Via Facebook: permalink.php

Bring it.

People who live here do not scare easily.

10 m south of #Yorkton on hwy 9 (3:35 pm, June 20) #skstorm @SeanSchoferTVN @TiffanyGlobal @CBCWeather @CJMENews

7. When someone busted out his skates to get around Moose Jaw.

Matt Dombowsky / Via Facebook: 929theBULL

8. When it switched seasons in two days, ​and people just went about their day like it was NBD.

9. Or even worse.

10. This guy.

This is how you know you live in Saskatchewan. My neighbor Shoveling snow in shorts and a parka

11. Or this genius.

Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, my neighbour is clearing the snow off his car with a leaf blower.

12. You're never too young to develop your snow-clearing skills.

13. When barbecue season came early.

14. When dads got creative with the ATV.

15. These two enjoying a relaxing dip.

16. This (sexy) maniac.

CBC / Via

Yeah, you shovel that snow. Shovel it good.

CBC // BuzzFeed Canada / Via

17. This chap enjoying spring.

18. When even buying windshield washer was an opportunity to show your #RiderPride.

Meanwhile in Saskatchewan... #RiderPride

19. This person who drove through purgatory and came out the other side.

20. When "feels like" was the most important part of the weather forecast.

21. And finally, these famous Saskatchewan guys.

From the "Shit Saskatchewanians Say" video.