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This 10-Year-Old Started A Lemonade Stand To Pay His Family's Power Bill

Jayden got creative after his dad lost his job.

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When his father was laid off from work, this 10-year-old kid in Saskatchewan started a lemonade stand to help his family pay the bills.

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Jayden West lives in Martensville, just outside of Saskatoon.

This week, he asked a woman at the grocery store to visit his lemonade stand, explaining that he started it because of his family's money troubles. He's been working a few hours each night during the week, and all day on weekends.

Lise LeBlanc was so moved by Jayden's story that she wrote a Facebook post about meeting him. "I'm doing this because my dad is really poor right now," Jayden told her. "He got laid off in May and we don't even have power right now."

LeBlanc encouraged all her friends to go buy lemonade from Jayden to help him and his family out.

Thanks to that Facebook post, Jayden now has customers from several cities dropping by for a drink, according to The Saskatoon StarPhoenix . This guy bought 10 glasses and paid $20 for each, just to help him out.

"I remember being 8 years old and having the hot water being cut off because the bills couldn't be paid," Chris Kolinski wrote. "I remember having to boil water on the stove so that I could bathe myself. I remember the feeling of desperation."

Jayden has made $1,000 already. His father Matt was laid off from his job as a mechanic and the family needs $1,800 to bring the power back on.

Jayden's mom Amanda said she didn't even know her son's reason for starting the lemonade stand until it blew up on Facebook, but she's very proud of him. "He's always like this," she told CTV Saskatoon. "He's caring and loving and just likes to help everybody."

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