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This Deer Fell Through The Ice In Saskatchewan And Some Friendly Firefighters Helped Her Out

“Once she was warmed up they took the blankets off, and she just jumped up and off she went.”

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A young deer got herself in major trouble when she ventured out onto the ice in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and fell through. Luckily some firefighters came to her rescue.

Swift Current Fire Department / Facebook

Deputy Fire Chief Darren McClellan said the local RCMP called the fire department after learning about the deer.

Four firefighters went to the scene and pulled the deer out of the water, then back to shore. “One guy went in and kinda boosted the deer up to pull her out," McClelland told BuzzFeed Canada.

The deer was likely suffering from hypothermia, and probably wouldn't have survived if not for the firefighters. They piled blankets on the deer and watched over her for about 40 minutes while she recovered.

“Once she was warmed up they took the blankets off, and she just jumped up and off she went.”

Swift Current Fire Department / Facebook

McClelland said this was the first animal rescue the department has done in a long time, but he's glad they were able to help.

The firefighters uploaded photos and a short video of the rescue on their Facebook page to highlight the risk of going on the ice, but McClelland says the reaction has been overwhelming.

"It just spread like wildfire," he said.

"It's a feel-good story as far as saving this deer from harm but it's also for awareness for people to use caution when they're around there. Especially kids often think they can still get across there, but this deer wouldn’t have weighed much.”

Watch video of the rescue below.

Facebook: video.php

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