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Two Canadian Teens Were Rude As Heck About Being Rescued From An Ice Floe

Curiously, they also had a laptop with them.

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Two teenage boys had to be rescued in Peterborough, Ontario, after they intentionally got onto an ice floe to float down the Otonabee River.

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The two boys had a laptop computer with them and were using branches to steer.

According to the Peterborough Examiner, they yelled obscenities at people as they floated by. When they were told firefighters were on the way, they said the rescue crew should "fuck off" and let them continue on.

Rescuers got to the boys as they floated downriver "at a rapid rate," according to Peterborough Police. They were brought back to shore before reaching a dam and power generating station.

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Police said the two teenagers were not from the Peterborough area and were unaware of the danger ahead.

CHEX News uploaded video of their rescue, showing the boys reluctantly getting into the firefighters' life raft.

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Police said the boys got a stern talking to, but were let go without any charges.

Police also reminded residents that cold weather does not necessarily mean the ice is thicker and safer to be on: "Other factors that are largely independent of air temperature, such as currents, wind and fluctuating water levels, can weaken ice and make it unstable."

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