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    Pro-ISIS Hackers Defaced A Canadian Police Website For Some Reason

    "I Love Islamic state"

    The website of a Saskatchewan police force was defaced with a pro-ISIS message, forcing the website offline until the problem is fixed.

    On Wednesday, the Prince Albert police website's usual homepage had disappeared. Instead, visitors were greeted with a message that said "I Love Islamic state."

    A hacking group known as Team System DZ took credit for the vandalism. The group has previously vandalized government websites in several US states, including the Washington Department of Health and the official website of Ohio Governor John Kasich. In all cases, some kind of statement supporting ISIS was left behind.

    The Prince Albert police says it's relying on its Facebook and Twitter pages to get information out to the public while it works to relaunch its website.

    The Prince Albert Police Service’s website is temporarily down and will return soon.

    A police spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada that no sensitive or personal information was lost in the attack.

    "It has become apparent that our third party web host provider was directly hacked and it compromised our website as a result," Alanna Adamko said in an email.

    A planned migration to a new web host and the launch of a new website — originally planned for December — has been moved up in light of the attack.

    Prince Albert Police Service / Facebook

    According to VICE News, Team System DZ has taken responsibility for vandalizing hundreds of website. But that doesn't mean the group is necessarily a big threat. The defacement of the Prince Albert police website, like the group's previous attacks, may just have been a crime of opportunity.

    “Such an attack is not overly sophisticated and is easy to pull off against a website that lacks basic security controls,” security researcher Lee Munson told VICE News after the US government websites were defaced in June.

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