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Justin Trudeau Raised A Pride Flag On Parliament Hill For The First Time Ever

He will also be the first sitting prime minister to march in a pride parade.

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He was joined by MPs from all the other parties for the occasion.


"It's not just Liberals who are here," Trudeau said. "We have Conservatives here. We have NDP here. We have Bloq Quebecois and Green Party members here."

Trudeau will also mark another milestone this year when he becomes the first sitting prime minister to march in Canadian pride parades.


The prime minister said there was "more work to do" on LGBTQ rights, and cited his government's bill to expand human rights legislation to trans people.

The trans pride flag was hung alongside the maple leaf in the House of Commons foyer for the first time ever when the government announced the trans rights bill a couple of weeks ago.

Ishmael Daro is a social news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Toronto.

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