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    People Think The CN Tower Changes Colour Based On Which Pokémon Team Controls It

    Sorry, but the CN Tower's lights have nothing to do with Pokémon Go.

    If you've been playing Pokémon Go in Toronto, you probably know that the CN Tower is also a Pokégym drawing scores of players every day.

    The scene at the Pokemon gym at the CN Tower lol

    All Pokémon Go players choose to join one of the game’s three teams — Instinct, Mystic, and Valor. When a team takes over a Pokégym, it changes to that team’s colour in the game.

    And some people think that translates to the actual tower. But despite all the Pokébattles being waged there, the lights on the CN Tower have nothing to do with which team controls the landmark. (Sorry.)

    The myth that the CN Tower's lights are affected by who controls the Pokégym has been floating around for weeks, even before the game was officially released in Canada.

    #CNTower owned by #TeamValor. Coloured by owner of gym. @NianticLabs

    The CN Tower does alter its nighttime lighting for holidays and to accommodate some charity initiatives. For example, the tower was lit up purple on July 24 for Alzheimer's Disease Awareness.

    "When CN Tower lights for an approved occasion it will appear on our lighting schedule," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada, stressing that the tower does not light up for any commercial products or events.

    Despite how unlikely it would be for one of Canada's most recognizable landmarks to start changing its lights for a mobile game, a lot of people have been spreading the idea online.

    You know the Pokemon Go craze is the real deal when the CN Tower color changes depending on which team holds that Pokegym! #PokemonGo

    The French gaming site Gamoniac fell for the hoax, too. They tweeted this out to their 46,000 followers this week.

    So while it's tempting to think your prowess in Pokémon Go could change the CN Tower's appearance, for now the only way to change it to your team's colour is inside the game.