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People Reacted Hilariously To The Great B.C. Earthquake Of 2015

We will rebuild.

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People in British Columbia are vowing to rebuild after a terrifying earthquake shook parts of the province earlier this week.

Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada reported a light 4.7 magnitude quake in southwestern B.C. on Dec. 29.

Although this wasn't The Big One geologists have worried about for decades, the aftermath is still devastating.

British Columbians are responding stoically in the face of widespread damage.

Nothing was safe from the great quake of 2015.


These shelf ornaments will never be quite the same.

Instagram: @teenyteenstina

R.I.P. flamingo.

This coffee shop is still dealing with the loss of a decanter.

The aftermath of the great Vancouver earthquake of 2015. One broken decanter. A tragedy. #originscoffeeroasters

Pray for this lost soul/hairbrush.

Instagram: @robelee

And this bottle of lotion.

The cleanup begins, aftermath of #Vancouver #earthquake

The horror. The horror.

Glad everyone is safe after last night’s shake up 😂 #earthquake #vancouver #evosport #athletictherapy #chiropractic

Still not convinced? Here's a bird's eye view of the devastation.

Shocking before and after of the #vancouver #earthquake #vancouverstrong #wewillrebuild

Never forget the Dec. 29 earthquake of 2015.